Virtual Gallery

By creating an online destination, we seek to give you the opportunity to visit us from wherever you are, to walk into our spaces, interact with our work, and navigate your journey in our world. 

Girringun’s Virtual Gallery is the beginning of a much bigger plan. It comes from a desire to share our story with the world and firmly place technology within our cultural continuum.

This was all made possible through funding by the State Government of Queensland via ArtsQLD and a joint effort between Australia and the United States with virtual training conducted online from Arizona and Los Angeles, as the team worked within the physical space at Girringun’s HQ.  

Now in possession of the technology and competencies, Girringun are certified to offer this same capability to other Indigenous Art Centres and commercial businesses, as we seek to leave no one behind.

Check back frequently as new exhibitions and experiences are made available. 

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Manggan Exhibition

“I am a Girramay man, an artist and a weaver. I make Jawun, the bicornual basket. My work is a culmination of ten years’ learning and it has essentially been a re-learning of a nearly lost craft.”​

Manggan – gather, gathers, gathering – is the first nation-wide touring exhibition of contemporary works by award-winning artists from Girringun Aboriginal Arts Centre.

Connection to country and traditional culture is at the core of this project, aimed at growing awareness of unique groups of Aboriginal people in the wet and dry tropics region of Far North Queensland.

In the touring exhibition, nineteen Girringun artists’ superbly handcrafted works were displayed alongside collection objects and reproductions of historic photographs from the Victoria Museum. Together, they provide a unique opportunity for Adelaide audiences to engage with the distinctive Aboriginal rainforest art traditions and culture of the Girringun region.

All items are now on sale for you to own. To view the works, simply click on the arrow above to enter the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre’s virtual gallery.